Scratch and Win Drink Coasters

Scratch and Win Drinks Coasters Your Insanely Effective Promotion

Scratch and Win Drink Coasters:

Top 3 promotional ideas that will leave your customers itching for more!

Scratch and win drink coasters: We all know that, especially in Australia, competitions attract a mammoth response in terms of customer engagement and are an insanely cost effective way to promote your business.

But have you thought about having them on drink coasters?

Scratch and win drink coasters combine the power of competition marketing and your logo on a coaster.  Where the average person has your business in their line of sight for 40 minutes, this is an incredibly effective way to achieve an outstanding return on investment for your next marketing campaign and will have your customers itching for more!

In this blog, we show you 3 ideas that are going to impress your boss by using scratch and win drink

coasters in your next promotion.

Idea #1 Scratch and Win Trivia Fun

Create customer engagement like never before!

Trivia questions can get people talking about you and your brand while in a relaxed environment.

They’re fun

They’re engaging

They get people talking about your brand

Trivia Ideas for your Scratch and Win Drink Coasters:

  • General Knowledge Trivia for fun and engagement
  • Specific questions about your latest product where they can win prizes
    • Clever design allows you to promote additional engagement on your website by sharing your URL and setting up specific landing pages; or by using QR codes on your coasters that can link to web pages like your Facebook business page!
    • Specific questions related to topics your customer is interested in like Golf, Beer, or Coffee.


Idea #2 Scratch ‘n’ Win Instant Prizes

Mercedes-Prize-Car-Instant-WinEverybody loves Instantly winning prizes – whether it is a holiday, car, or even a month’s supply of their favourite coffee.

Keep them coming back to your premises with instant win prizes available on their scratchy.

With this technology, scratch areas are made of removable latex. This scratches off easily while still covering up the protected message underneath.

You can have traditional silver or a stunning holographic effect to really make the card stand out.

You set up the competition how you like – 5,10, 500 winners; different prizes;  or Sorry – No Win – Try again Next Time ☺.


Idea #3 Instant Scratchy Prizes PLUS App or Website interaction

Scratchy Drinks Coasters Instant Win PrizesWant them to check out your new App? Website? Facebook Page?

Why not run an ‘Instant Win’ competition combined with a larger draw only available if they enter a special code via your website?

This is easy for us to set-up and is a proven way to get people engaging with your business online or in your app.

Each code can be unique and we advise you on the best way to manage the competition.

Idea #4 – Got ideas of your own? What’s your favourite way to use this fun and innovative technology?

Let us know in the comments below!