Coasters for your next big Event:  Events are the perfect time to get your message across with a drink coaster. Our drink coasters for your event are rich and thick, and a crowd-pleaser for your customers.

Choose from a popular option below, or get a custom design coaster with your theme that will make your event stand out from the crowd.

For an even more fun and interactive experience, check out our Scratchie Coasters to run a competition that will give your event something they’ll talk about first thing in the office Monday morning; and remember your event management company next time.

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Our Products

  • Beer-coaster-great-company

    Beer Coaster 1 – Drink Beer, Be Merry

    $5.00$263.20 Select options
  • customised coasters

    Customised Coasters

    $155.00$1,900.00 Customize
  • hibiscus flower drink coasters

    Hibiscus Flower drink coasters

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • indigenous camel design

    Indigenous Camel Design drink coasters

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • indigenous platypus

    Indigenous Platypus Design Drink Coasters

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • koru leaf design

    Koru Leaf Design Drink Coasters – Australia’s #1 Coaster Company

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • love makes life a beautiful ride drink coaster

    Love Makes Life a Beautiful Ride

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • celebrating melbourne cup coasters

    Melbourne Cup Coaster # 2 Celebrating Melbourne Cup Coasters

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • silver fern drink coasters

    Silver Fern drink coasters

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • st-patricks-day-coaster

    St Patrick’s Day #5 – Celebrate With Us

    $5.00$263.20 Select options

    St Patrick’s Day #6 – Quick Swig, Anyone?

    $5.00$263.20 Select options
  • Sydney-to-hobart-coasters

    Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race #5 – Sydney to Hobart coaster

    $30.08$263.20 Select options
  • tapa cloth design coasters

    Tapa Cloth Design Coasters

    $30.08$263.20 Select options