Wholesale Cafe Drink Coasters

Boost your brand with our wholesale cafe drink coasters.

Read on and see what our wholesale cafe drink coasters can do for you and your business.

Do you want to be a little bit different from your competition? Not just for the awesome coffee that keeps the customers coming back again and again. How about attention to detail? Do you know something as simple as a drink coaster can go a long way to building your brand.

If you are a cafe owner you are probably aware of how many coffee shops are opening up. Competition is tough.

A drink coaster for the coffee cup not only soaks up the spills. Your own personalised drink coaster for your business will help reflect the character of your establishment. The right design will compliment the decor and add enjoyment to the whole coffee experience.

If you are looking for something a little bit different why not try custom designed drink coasters to suit your theme. We have an experienced graphic design team who can help create the perfect coaster for your business or maybe you have your own design ready to go!

Our drink coasters are manufactured from 390gsm coaster board. Super absorbent and very high quality – a must when you are building brand awareness.┬áNot sure what all that means? Then contact us for a stock sample.

Coaster board has many uses. It’s raw, natural finish makes it suitable for loyalty cards, menus and business cards. All of which ties in nicely with exposing your brand and building your customer base.

Bulk or small orders – Not a problem.

While small quanities for customised drink coasters start at 100 are not a problem for us to manufacture you will keep your costs minimal by bulk buying.

We also have a generic range, minimum quantity starts at 50.coffee bean meets cup

Please contact us, we would love to help.