Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant

Top 3 Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant

Interested in Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant?

We all know making your restaurant different and special each year for Valentines Day can be alot of work.

You don’t  want to disappoint your customers by doing the same thing you did last year but you are probably so busy

it can feel overwhelming.

What if  I gave you three easy ideas to help you out?

In this blog we give you our Top 3 Valentines Day ideas for your restaurant.

Make sure you check out number 3, our personal favourite!

Idea #1 Flowers on the Table

Valentines Day Ideas for your restaurant colour themeEvery one knows traditionally red roses are associated with love on Valentines Day. For a traditional style restaurant this will work well for you.

However did you know there are many other flowers associated with romance? For example:

  • Yellow Acacia – this native Australian flower signifies the value of true friendship and can indicate a secret love.
  • Blue Violet – this represents love, affection, faith and intuition.
  • White Lilac – this beautiful flower  smells divine and goes with anything in your restaurant. It represents purity and youthful innocence.
  • Peony – if you are looking for a romantic atmosphere that is not roses but still traditionally related to Valentines Day with a pink twist you can’t go passed the peony which can signify romantic love.

Idea #2 Colour Theme

Make sure you have a colour theme in mind. Keep it simple.

Use white tablecloths as your main colour because these can be used anytime throughout the year and are great for the budget conscious!

Make sure your colour theme choice doesn’t clash with your floral arrangement.

If you are wondering about the best highlight colour choice, why not check out this well researched article on the psychology of colours in your restaurant.

Idea #3 Valentines Day Drink Coasters

Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant drink coaster

If you are looking for something a bit different this Valentines Day for your venue why not try custom designed drink coasters to suit your theme.

Most companies will have a selection of pre-made designs you can choose from or you can start from scratch and include your restaurant logo.

This is our personal favourite because it is cost effective. It can be used for other events at your restaurant and has high impact.

Check out these awesome coasters