Using QR Codes On Your Drink Coasters

QR codes for your next promotional campaign. One of the key factors of a successful advertising or marketing campaign is timeliness. Giving your audience the ability to respond quickly and easily to your promotion is vital. When a person is interested in your brand or offer, they are much more likely to convert into a customer if they can do so immediately rather than waiting until they get home or onto a computer.

QR codes are incredibly useful for this exact reason. Let’s discuss what these codes are and why they can be excellent additions to your promotional drink coasters.

What Are QR Codes?

Originally used as simple barcodes in the manufacturing process, QR codes have come a long way since their inception in 1994. They are now widespread and easily used by anyone with a smartphone or tablet device.

Using a completely unique combination of shaded and non-shaded cells, a QR code can be used as an instant portal to just about anything, be it a website, a landing page, or a simple message. In-built or downloadable tools in a smartphone allow its camera to identify and react to the embedded pattern.

Why Use QR Codes on Your Drink Coasters?

Including a QR code on your promotional coasters can be a hugely effective way to promote your business, venue, event, or current special offer. This is why Promotional Drink Coasters is delighted to offer QR code printing as part of our service.

These give curious people the ability to instantly respond to your advertisement. Whether your QR code opens up your online store, sends the reader a text message with more information, or creates a pre-addressed email for them to write to your sales team, they will be able to do so then and there. No longer will your conversion rate be tainted by people simply forgetting to follow through at a later time.

An Extra Tip

While QR codes are widespread, they are not quite universal – and not everybody has the desire (or tech savvy) to scan them. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have a traditional call to action (e.g. “Call us on…” or “Visit us online at www…”) alongside your QR code. This way, you won’t alienate or scare off any potential customers.

Is it time to get some drink coasters with QR codes for your next promotion? You can design your own coasters or please contact us to discuss your needs.