Drink Coasters – Why Should You Use Drink Coasters to Advertise?

Drink Coasterspromotional drink coasters logo

Drink coasters are used universally.   From restaurants and cafés to bars and lounges, an enormous number of establishments around the world use coasters. They’re also vital for events, parties and fundraisers.

With the huge amount of exposure they create for advertisers, it’s no wonder companies – especially beer manufacturers – have used coasters for many years to promote their brands. In fact, some companies spend millions putting their logo underneath people’s drinks.

But don’t let that number fool you; advertising using drink coasters is an inexpensive and extremely valuable marketing tool. Here’s what makes promotional coasters so brilliant.

The Benefits of Using Drink Coasters for Advertising

Unlike most common advertising methods, which present your brand and message for an all-too-brief amount of time, an ad on a drink coaster is in sight for about 45 minutes. Each time a person picks up or puts down their drink, they momentarily see your coaster. This leaves dozens of micro-impressions to help imprint your brand upon their mind.

Another advantage promotional drink coasters have over other marketing avenues is the environment in which they are viewed. When you catch a consumer with a highway billboard, they’re stuck in traffic and frustrated. When you air your TV commercial, they’re impatient for their show to come back on (if they don’t switch channels during ad breaks, that is!).

When they’re drinking an ale or sipping a latte, on the other hand, a consumer is relaxed and happy, leaving them more open to new ideas. This makes them more open to suggestion when it comes to making decisions, such as purchasing something or looking up your company online.

How to Take Advantage of Drink Coaster Advertising

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