Stock Drink Coasters

What are stock drink coasters?

At Promotional Drink Coasters we have a range of what we call stock drink coasters.stock standard rectangle

# These drink coasters have no printing.

A raw uncoated finish with a subtle texture.

Manufactured from high quality, super absorbent 390gsm beer mat board which comes from sustainable forests in Scandinavia.

Disposable and biodegradable.

# Stock drink coasters come in a variety of shapes.

Shape 1:  square 95mm x 95mm with rounded corners

Shape 2:  round circle 95mm diameter

Shape 3:  rectangle 150mm x 80mm

Shape 4: round circle with scalloped edge 95mm diameter

# Don’t be a drip!

Keep surfaces safe.

If you want drink coasters fast and can’t wait for customised drink coasters consider our simple but effective standard drink coasters.

# Affordable.

Not only do we have a great selection of shapes but cheap deals on quantities are also available.

Prices start from an affordable $11.00 plus delivery. Minimum quantity is 250 drink coasters.

# Multitude of uses.

Because of their simplicity plain drink coasters have a multitude of uses.

Great for arts and crafts. A useful tool to keep your children amused for hours.

# Fun Facts.

Drink coasters were originally placed on top of a glass to keep dust, dirt and insects out.

Drink coasters manufactured from high fibre pulp board  are 100% recyclable.

Tegestology. Some coasters are collectable items. A person who collects drink coasters is called a Tegestologist.

# Coaster Board Games.

Head Balancing:

A drink coaster must be brought from point A to point B. It is balanced on the head. Using hands is not allowed. It doesn’t matter how many coasters are balanced at one time. If a coaster does fall off, the player must return to the start and begin again.


Squeeze a drink coaster between you knees/legs and hop to the goal. Then the next player goes.


stock standard circlestock standard squarestock standard drink coasters