The State of Origin – ORIGINation!?


We’re all familiar with the highly anticipated annual clash, the State of Origin. Queenslanders slam against their NSW rivals. Maroon collides with blue. Thousands of people find themselves glued to the screen as the 3 heated games transpire.

However, where did it all begin? What is the history of this legendary event? Let’s explore.

The History of State of Origin

The tradition of NSW and Queensland matching up like this, dates back to the beginning of Australia’s rugby league in 1908. However, the actual name and format didn’t come about until the ‘80s.  The best-of-three system began in 1982, and the rules also changed so that players were selected based on which state they played their first major game in (instead of where they currently play).

Cockroaches and Cane Toads

Oh, and just in case you don’t remember – the ‘cockroaches’ and ‘cane toads’ nicknames, that are synonymous with the 2 teams, first appeared in the 1980s courtesy of a widespread marketing campaign. Speaking of which, our most popular State of Origin drink coasters feature these 2 iconic mascots and they make great marketing tools too. Prices start from $5.00 for a pack of 8 Or 3 packs of 8 for $10.00  Check them out here.

This may be surprising, based on recent decades the Blues and Maroons were fairly neck-and-neck for a long period in Origin’s history. That is, until 2006 when the Qld team began their extraordinary winning streak of 7 years in a row.

This Year’s Games

Haven’t made plans to get together with mates to watch the game? Or you’re keen to buy tickets to see one of the clashes in person? Better get a move on!

The 2019 games are coming up:

  • Game 1: June 5th – Brisbane
  • Game 2: June 23rd – Perth
  • Game 3: July 10th Sydney

Most importantly – Get ready and get excited. And don’t forget to use a coaster with your team on it!

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