St Patrick’s Day Coasters – 17th March

Celebrate with Us! – St Patrick’s Day coasters

pot of goldNeed ideas for your St Patrick’s Day theme?  Why not choose one of our St Patrick’s Day coasters for your special event?

This blog is about modern day St Patrick day celebrations. Read on, it may give you some ideas….

Saint Patrick’s Day coasters are a must for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. This day is  a global celebration of Irish culture on March 17. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints.


♣ What happens on Saint Patrick’s day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, especially by Irish communities and organizations. Many people wear green on the day. Parties showcasing Irish food and drinks are part of this celebration.

Many restaurants and pubs offer Irish food which include:st patrick's day desert

# Irish soda bread

# Corned beef and cabbage

# Beef and Guinness pie

# Irish cream chocolate mousse cake

# Irish coffee

# Irish Stew

# Irish potato soup

♣ Symbols:

# The most common St Patrick’s day symbol is the shamrock. The shamrock is the leaf of the clover plant.shamrock

# Many people choose to wear the colour green.

# The Irish flag is often seen in Saint Patrick Day parades.

# Guinness an Irish brand of ale is popular on St Patrick’s Day.

# The Celtic Cross.

♣ Curious Facts:

# Ireland is referred to as the Emerald Isle due to the lush green landscape.

# The Celtic Cross is a reminder to all believers that it is okay to celebrate nature.

# Tradition says that St Patrick used the three leaf shamrock to explain The Trinity to the Irish people. Each leaf represented the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

# Irelands’ national flower (the shamrock) is a reminder of its’ Creator and the wonder of the Trinity.

# Scholars believe the shamrock was used in ancient fertility rituals in which it represented a triad of Godesses. The green leaves were burned and the ashes sprinkled over fields to promote growth. (Robert J. Myers, Celebrations)

♣ Order your St Patrick’s Day coasters

Printed full colour, 1 side on 390gsm coasterboardst-patricks-day-coaster

Use our generic coaster or create your own.

♣ Like crafts?

Unleash your inner artist and stencil, stamp or draw 3 heart shapes in a circle (shamrock)  with a line (the stem) to make a 3 leaf clover on our plain round stock coasters.

Packs of 8 from $5.00 includes postage.

Check out this article for step by step instructions