Shouting Drinks – Aussie Etiquette

The etiquette of shouting drinks.

So we haven’t been to the pub for a while but the end of self isolation is in sight. Maybe you are missing your favourite local. Let’s get ready and brush up on the etiquette of shouting drinks!

What is a round of drinks?

round of drinks is a set of beverages bought by one person in a group for that whole group. The purchaser buys the round of drinks as a single order at the bar. Consider it customary for people to take turns buying rounds of drinks. Trust and fair play are the foundations of this ritual.

The Rules of the Shout…

When someone buys you a drink?

Simple – you buy them a drink in return.

When someone buys you an expensive drink?

Don’t be a cheapskate. You buy a drink of equal value.  If you set the standard by purchasing a cheap round of beers it’s uncool to request boutique beers from your mates when it’s their turn.

Can I drop out of a round?

No you can’t. If you have had enough to drink don’t have one but yes, you still need to buy a round. Keep in mind also that you can’t leave the pub owing someone a drink.

Remember your place in the shout. Fellow drinkers should never be without a drink – even if you haven’t finished yours.

Can I leave during a round?

Of course you can. Say your goodbyes and let your friends know the next time you meet the first round is on you.

Stick with these simple rules and you can’t go wrong. Most importantly, relax and enjoy!

Fun Facts:

Greave’s Rules –

Guidelines commonly used in the United Kingdom for buying rounds of drinks. Internationally known as a representation of the spirit of drinking in an English pub.

Challenge Coin –

In the culture of the United States Military, possession of a challenge coin can be used to determine who buys a round of drinks.

So as we prepare to venture out into the world again with a heightened awareness of our environment –  be safe, be happy, be grateful, be fearless. Don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest. Embrace Life not fear.


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