Revive Australian Manufacturing – NOW

Support your local businesses and revive Australian manufacturing.

Now is the time to throw all your support behind local manufacturers and growers. It’s not too late to revive Australian manufacturing as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop.

At the beginning of January, I returned from my homeland New Zealand back to my home in Australia. On the news that day I heard that 4 people in China had a virus. I couldn’t tell you what else was on the news that day but this particular piece of information stuck in my mind. I remember thinking “WHY do I need to know this, WHY am I being told this?” And now a short time later the whole world has been brought to its knees by a virus. Not to mention the fact the virus was rampant way before then.

We are a small business that manufacture drink coasters. Ask any small business owner the hours involved in running their business. The blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears behind the scenes that go into making the business successful. But at the end of the day we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are passionate about our product, our customers and the business we have built.

There are many businesses and sole traders out there right now feeling very vulnerable. Remember….there is strength in vulnerability when you are with like minded people.  We all need to turn to local manufacturing, keep Australia alive. Don’t depend on overseas products, even if they seem cheaper. You might think you are saving a few dollars but are you really? Look what happened to the car industry when import tariffs were abolished. I am not against foreign cars but they should be priced accordingly to protect our market and maintan jobs here in Australia.

Lost confidence with China?

As China emerges from this crisis they are now ramping up their manufacturing while the rest of the world is still reeling. Supplying face masks to the world?  We can make our own face masks China!

Together we can do this. Think of it as a social experiment. Stand strong, stand as one, support each other. Something like this could happen again and we need to build and strengthen our own local and national economy so we have some kind of buffer and the resilience to bounce back.

When society starts to resemble some kind of “normal” there is going to be many products in short supply. Let’s get ready…..

We can weather this storm together. It is important to work collectively and after this is over I hope we all remember to continue to do so.

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