Restaurant Quality Drink Coasters

Do you need restaurant quality drink coasters?

Restaurant Quality Drink Coasters:  Our drink coasters for your restaurant or food truck are rich and thick, and a crowd-pleaser for your customers.

Get a custom design coaster with your branding that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Research shows that when your brand is on a coaster, you have your customer’s attention in a relaxed environment for an average of 45 minutes. So a custom designed drink coaster is a great way to promote your restaurant in other bars, lounges, and clubs; as well as having great in house branding!

We also have a generic range of drink coasters which may suit your needs.

All our drink coasters are manufactured on 390gsm coaster board. Super absorbent, authentic beer mat board. Imported from Scandanavia.  Don’t settle for less! If it’s a lighter weight stock you will not be giving your business the justice it deserves.  If you want to be known for quality then everything associated with your company needs to be quality. Especially the drink coasters.

At Promotional Drink Coasters we are passionate about drink coasters and believe we can help you with your branding quality drink coasters

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