Promotional Drink Coasters Campaign for Advertising and Marketing

Why have a  promotional drink coasters campaign to advertise?

A promotional drink coasters campaign is a vehicle for advertising.

A must for any party or event, promotion, fundraiser, restaurant, bar, lounge, school, company or club.promotional drink coasters campaign

Beer companies have been using this form of marketing for years and have distributed these inexpensive marketing tools right under their customer’s mugs around the world.

The Facts:

Your message is directly in front of the consumer for an average of 45 minutes. In this environment people are relaxed and open to new ideas and thoughts that influence buying and spending decisions. People have time to read, think, discuss with their friends or work colleagues and respond with a call to action.

Hand-eye coordination dictates that people must look down before picking up or setting down their beverage. This creates dozens of micro-impressions where the consumer sees your message momentarily.

They are inexpensive so contact us today –  find out exactly how cost effective a promotional drink coasters campaign really is.

Do you need to get a long engagement message across to a select group of people?

Why not target a specific audience in a more personal way instead of a widespread social media campaign.

Promotional drink coasters are perfect for all functions.

They are a great community message and information board e.g. crime stoppers, domestic violence assistance, surf life saving info. etc.

They can promote your business and help it grow by attracting new customers. Please click here for an interesting read about BRAND LOYALTY

Want your brand in venues in your area? We create, print and deliver to venues for YOU – Australia and New Zealand wide, city or rural mat

Promotional Drink Coasters is the one stop shop for all your custom printed coaster needs.

Our all-inclusive promotional drink coaster services include:

Artwork & Design

Weekly print run

Door to door delivery

Print quantities from as little as 100 coasters.

Well over a billion promotional drink coasters are produced around the world every year and coasters are probably the longest standing marketing tool known to man.

A Billion coasters is proof that promotional drink coasters are at the forefront of high-exposure, affordable mass marketing.  Contact us today to get your coasters.