Oktoberfest drink coasters

Oktoberfest drink coasters – What is Oktoberfest?

Do you need Oktoberfest drink coasters for the biggest folk festival in the world?

So you can’t make it to Germany.  That’s o.k. Oktoberfest is celebrated all over the world. It’s not just about the beer.

It is a celebration of everything German. Embrace something new. Find out about the cultural side of Oktoberfest.  It is steeped in tradition – from fine foods to hand crafted beer.

History of the Oktoberfest.

A Prince and Princess were wed. Prince Ludwig and Princess Teresa.

All the citizen’s of Munich were invited to the wedding.  The wedding was celebrated on the fields in front of the city gate. Since then the fields were called ‘Theresienwiese’ (Teresa’s meadow).

The celebrations included a great feast and a horse race. The horse race became a tradition. Held each year for the people of Bavaria. The last horse race was held in 1960.

Over the years the festival has faced many challenges and at times has been cancelled due to poor economy, disease and war.


Today the Oktoberfest as we know it has many tents serving many brews. There are big brass bands, fair ground attractions, German food – all for your entertainment.

Traditional fashion is a big part of the festivities.

Women dress in a peasant style costume called a dirndl. Legend has it the placement of the knot on the sash is a clue to your marital status!

Men wear traditional Bavarian Lederhosen which are short leather pants.

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Das Reinheistgebot

Otherwise known as The German Beer Purity Law – 1516.

This is a series of regulations setting the price of beer and limiting the ingredients in beer.

The only ingredients permitted for brewing beer in Germany under this law were barley, hops and water.

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