Good Brew – What makes it good?

What makes a good brew

A Good Brew – One you can enjoy! 

Good Brew. What makes it good? There are so many different styles of beer, and as many personal preferences to boot, so nailing down what makes a good brew can be a challenge.

However, there are many factors that no matter what your personal preference is, most drinkers would agree on.

So, let’s take this multi-sensory experience step by step.

Below we look at the 6 elements we believe make a good brew.

What makes a good brew:

1. Sound

From the opening of the can or bottle, to the pouring of the liquid into a glass; there is no doubt this first part of the experience brings with it a sense of anticipation for quenching your thirst.

2. Sight

Pause and take in the colour and clarity.

Depending on the type of beer served, a 20mm head formed in the glass is ideal.

Obviously, glassware is essential as it not only allows you to visually experience the brew, but it also makes it more pleasurable.

Enjoy a beer with Great Company

3. Smell

Close your eyes and inhale deeply.

Whether you prefer a nice light golden beer or a rich flavoured stout, it should smell amazing!

There may be a number of aromas you can detect – fruity, spicy, vegetal or even floral.

However, a sharp vinegar smell could be a sign of bacteria in the beer due to improper sanitation.

4. Taste

Take a mouthful, swish it around your mouth and swallow.

Whatever your beer style preference, does the brew have a good balance – some bitterness, but not too much?  

A good brew has a great flavour, tastes smooth and fresh, and has just the perfect amount of carbonation.

You should be able to taste consistency for your style of beer and it should have a nice mouthfeel.

5. Touch

A good brew needs to be served at the correct temperature.

Not ice-cold (as is often advertised), because if the beer is too cold, you won’t be able to detect certain flavours and aromas.

6. Company

While it is certainly possible to enjoy a refreshing beer on your own, there’s nothing that makes a good brew even better than when it is enjoyed with great company.

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