Business Cards – Stand Out from the Crowd

Business Cards – Make yours stand out from the Crowd.

There are business cards that you hand out half-heartedly because you know they’re just boring templated designs on standard flimsy cardboard.  And then there are business cards that you hand out proudly because they look amazing and leave a lasting impression on people.

Which kind would you rather have a stack of on your desk?  Of course, you’d rather have the business cards that make people say ‘wow!’ – not the ones that make people yawn and instantly forget what your name was.

Let’s look at the aspects you need to consider if you want a new business card that really sells your business.

Designbusiness cards

If your business cards look just like all the other cards in your industry, you’re basically telling potential clients  “I’m not different or better than my competitors”.  You need an eye-catching design that reflects what your business does while also representing the quality of your products and/or services.

A business card that looks cheap and nasty might lead people to assume the work your company does is the same.  If you’re stuck for design ideas or don’t have the right resources in-house, it’s worthwhile paying an experienced business card designer to handle this for you.

You might also consider making your cards’ edges stand out with rounded corners or scallop edging. The little details really can help with making a big impact.



Nobody wants to hold on to a flimsy, thin business card.  That’s the kind that ends up crumpled in the bin.  However, a sturdy and durable card is more likely to ‘go the distance’ for your brand and is also more difficult to simply throw away.

Our team has found that 390gsm coaster-board stock is the ideal material and weight for business cards.  They feel great in your hand and won’t crease as soon as you put them into your wallet.

Want to find out how we can help your brand stand out from the crowd?

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