Glass Drink Coasters meet Beer Glasses

Glass drink coasters and beer glasses for your favourite beer.

Glass drink coasters meet beer glasses. Tired of drinking out of the bottle or can?

Well it turns out I may be able to help you choose the right glass drink coasters and beer glasses for those special beers.

Different styles of glassware exist for a number of reasons:

They may reflect national traditions or compliment different styles of beer for a variety of glasses and keg

Including enhancing the aroma, the appearance, and having an effect on the beer head. Several kinds of beer glassware have a stem or handle  which serves to prevent the body heat of the drinker’s hand from warming the beer.

Some countries require fill lines on glasses to ensure customers receive the full volume of beer ordered.

The type of glass you use has the ability to make or break your overall experience.

Top 3 types of beer glasses to compliment your beer:

#1. Pint glasses:

The go-to glass for most beer enthusiasts.

A simple cylindrical shape that gets wider as it goes up. This type of pint glass can be used with most types of beers. Including lagers and ales, as well as other styles such as IPAs,  and stouts.

#2. Beer mugs:

Easy to use and holds a lot of beer!  This type of glass comes in all glasses

The thick glass walls helps insulate your brew to keep it cool while the handle helps prevent your hands warming up your beer.

#3. Pilsner glasses:

This type of beer glass is tall and skinny. The pilsner glass is designed and used for lighter beers, such as pilsners, of course.

They hold slightly less beer than a pint glass. The slender design allows drinkers to appreciate the colours and carbonation bubbles within their beer. The slightly wider top of the glass also helps retain the foam head of your beer and bring out its true flavour and aromas.

What’s your favourite beer glass?

There is a wide variety of beer glasses out there. All designed to enhance the over all experience you get from your favourite beer.

Why not take your experience to the next level with our  drink coasters?