Food Safety drink coasters

The importance of  “food safety drink coasters”

We are delighted to advise that Promotional Drink Coasters is “Food Safety Certified”. The additives that we use to produce our food safety drink coasters are compliant with Federal German and EU Food and Safety requirements for paper and cardboard with food applications (German Federal Risk Assessment No XXVi , EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC and Article 3 EU Framework Regulation EC No: 1935/2004). This is comforting for customers to know before selecting where they want their coasters printed.

food safety certified

There are so many concerns these days about the environment and our own personal safety when it comes to using chemicals.

It has always been our top priority to provide safe, effective and environmentally-friendly products.

Although drink coasters have no direct contact with food there are still certain practices to consider.

Special care should be taken to ensure that the use of materials unsuitable for food packaging is prevented.

For indirect food contact applications the printer needs to think about many scenarios.

For example; the type of ink, the substrate he is printing on, the drying or curing process.

Avoid contamination!

At Promotional Drink Coasters we have a press dedicated to printing drink coasters. We use vegetable based inks and strict quality control when it comes to the drying process.

Our drink coasters are completely dry before they are guillotined and despatched to avoid any set off which may otherwise occur.

Please consider us for your next drink coaster order.

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Check out this brochure on Food Packaging. A guide to best practices for print.