Creative Ideas for Your Next Coaster

Creative Ideas

Often in marketing, it is the most creative, intriguing, or fun ideas that stick the most with an audience. Think of your favourite television ads. Chances are you remember them because they made you smile or think – not because they did a great job of explaining their business (though this definitely helps too!). This approach to advertising can be applied to your promotional drink coasters too. Here are some creative ideas you could try with your next coaster design.

Make Them Laugh

 If your coaster makes a person chuckle – or even just smirk to themselves – you’ve already made a great and lasting impression on them. Even on a subliminal level, that person now associates your brand with positivity and humour. You can achieve this with an amusing illustration, a comedic quote, or a classic joke. Just make sure the topic relates back to your company in some way.

Make Them Think

Coasters that make you think are great for extending the length of time a person is exposed to your brand and logo. You could try a brain teaser with the answer (and your marketing message) on the flip side, or a puzzle with a solution that ties in with your business. You could even go all out and feature a full maze, crossword, or Sudoku challenge on your coaster! Anything that is intriguing and fun can potentially work wonders for the success rate of your promotional coasters.

Grab Their Attention

An inspirational motto is one way to grab a person’s attention. You could also try simplifying your message by choosing a single product or service to advertise on your coasters. Brainstorm some business-specific ideas to catch people’s interest with your design. For example, if your business is a café, a close-up of your signature dish and/or beverage could be the way to go. An event venue, on the other hand, might opt for a stunning photo of a recent wedding or party they have mat

Most importantly, do not forget to include your message and call to action in a creative and contemporary way. This might mean including a QR code, inviting people to follow your business on social media, and using a modern design to attract eyes to your marketing message. For assistance with putting together a knockout look for your coasters (and getting them printed professionally and affordably), please contact us.