CMYK Rich Black Values for Drink Coasters

How to get a “stellar” black – CMYK Rich Black Values

If you would like to learn how you can create a dense black colour for drink coasters with CMYK rich black values continue reading…..

#Fatal Flaws:

1. Black and white print differs from black produced in full colour CMYK printing.

2. Black ink used on its own  in offset printing doesn’t produce a really dense or deep black. From a visual point of view it can look a bit greyish.

3. One element of colour ( in this case 100% black) results in  a thin layer of ink coverage.


1. Ink absorption

2. The substrate you are printing on (i.e. coaster board).

For coaster board some of the white stock may show through when CMYK values are incorrect.

3. Coverage area.

CMYK rich black values are ideal for bigger areas not delicate fine lines e.g. small text.

#Pain Points:

What you see is not always what you get – 

1. RGB colours are for computer screens e.g. PDF’s which are emailed or websites.

2. CMYK colours on the other hand, are for offset printing.

Costly Exercise –

1.  Avoid reprints.

2. Reduce wasted time and money.

3. Avoid disgruntled customers.

There is only one boss – the customer. By spending their money somewhere else they can fire us all from the director on down!

#The Breakdown:

Want product satisfaction?

Printers and Designers need to know this.

There are countless combinations of black.  Standard black, cool black, warm black etc.

Tricks of the Trade for CMYK Rich Black – 

Professional designers add a % of the other printing colours to create a “rich” or “deep” black.

For consistency check the values for each colour in all your blacks.

The elements of colours used means more ink therefore colour is deeper and more saturated. Ideal for heavier stock such as coaster board.

For a solid result use:

CYAN 40%



BLACK 100%

#Still Unsure?

Seek your Printer’s advice. After all he has the expertise and knowledge.

Ask about the recommended coverage percentages.

Ask about the different substrates and question how ink and stock react with each other. OR – 

Contact us via website or phone 07 5575 3611 we would love to be of assistance.

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