Client Profile: Cafe D Bar

Client Profile – Cafe D’Bar . A café is one of the most obvious types of businesses that can benefit from promotional drink coasters. These items provide the perfect platform for a hot cappuccino, a refreshing beer, or a frothy milkshake. And every time customers look down to pick up their beverage for a sip, the branded coaster reminds them exactly where they are enjoying their drink. These almost-subliminal reminders are excellent for encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.

Café d’bar, one of our favourite clients, is an establishment that takes advantage of this. With an attractive design and reliable material, the coasters we supply to Café d’bar help them create a consistent atmosphere and provide the ultimate relaxing experience for their patrons. You can see these coasters on our samples page.

About Café d’bar

Owners Donna and Steve Archdeacon are immensely proud of the modest part they’ve played in turning Coolangatta into one of Australia’s top tourist attractions. The area’s beautiful nature and chilled attitude provided the perfect location for these lovers of surfing, food and tourism to create their café – and live their dream.

Delicious dishes, warm hospitality, and a stunning view of Duranbah Beach have made Café d’bar a highlight for many visitors to Coolangatta. With its former life as a standard fish’n’chips joint behind it, the building is now a delightful café and restaurant with an art gallery and gift shop. The love Steve and Donna have put into the establishment is evident throughout Café d’bar.

With an ever-evolving menu, their own d’bar brand coffee, and the showcases of talented local artists in the gallery, Café d’bar is truly a treat for all your senses. The iconic place is much more than that though; it’s a space where you can enjoy a laidback and jovial experience that flawlessly embodies the essence of Coolangatta.

Now It’s Your Turn

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