Christmas Drinking Tips

Responsible drinking  – Christmas Drinking Tips

As the year draws to a close there is an increase in parties and social gatherings. You’ve worked hard all year and want to let your hair down. You deserve it, right? Follow these Christmas drinking tips to keep you healthy and safe. Make it a time to remember not a time you might regret for the rest of your life!

Safe alcohol consumption

Most importantly don’t put pressure on yourself or others to drink alcohol.

1  Delay the onset of the first drink until later in the day.

2  If you are the host – provide plenty of non alcohol options that taste great as well as low alcohol beer and wine.  Make sure everyone can get home safely.

3  Make plenty of food availablefruit table runner

4  Alternate alcoholic drinks with non alcoholic drinks.

Hydrate with water. Natures wine. Spice it up with sliced lemon/lime/watermelon. Garnish with mint and ice. 

6  Take turns being the sober adult to make decisions or get help should something go wrong.

7  Don’t top up drinks without asking.  If you see someone getting ‘tiddly’, encourage them to ease
off the alcohol for a bit and offer them water or a non-alcoholic drink instead.

Be mindful. It takes about an hour to process one standard drink. That is 100ml of wine, 30mls of spirits or a can of beer. Be informed. Check the labelling.

9  Drinking and driving is not an option.  If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot. Stay alive – don’t drink and drive. Crash at your mates not your car!

10 Young minds are like sponges.  Your behaviour could  influence the way your children drink once they reach the legal drinking age.

11 Abstinence for some may be important, especially for those people who know they struggle to stop at one drink. 

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