Buy Custom Drink Coasters

What you need to know when you buy custom drink coasters….

Let me share some ideas with you before you buy custom drink coasters.customised coasters

If you are not completely familiar with purchasing custom paper coasters then read on. I’ll explain the most important aspects.


We manufacture custom pulpboard drink coasters. These are also known as; paper coasters, bar coasters or beer mat coasters. The material we manufacture them from is known as pulpboard. Also known as beer mat board or coaster board. In the coaster industry there are different thicknesses of board to choose from.  e.g. 365gsm  which is considered a lightweight coaster board or 390gsm which is considered a heavier weight board.  By the way at Promotional Drink Coasters we use 390gsm coaster board.

Be aware – coaster board is designed specifically for drink coaster manufacturing.  There is no other substitute! There are very few drink coaster manufacturers out there.  Keep this in mind when choosing your supplier.  Other paper products  are sometimes substituted. They are easy to spot.  Some fall apart very quickly when moisture is introduced and if they are lamenated, forget it.  There will be no absorbency at all.

Consider –

What will the coasters be used for, where and how long do you want them to last?  Basically the thicker the coasters, the more absorbency.

Your brand.  Do you want a quality product that you can be proud to associate with your company?

Shape – Standard shapes are square 95mm x 95mm with rounded corners or round 95mm. Custom shapes on the other hand can be anything you want but will cost more, understandably. For custom shapes artwork needs to be finalised and a custom die or cutting form made. There is a one off cost for the die on top of normal production costs.

Quantity –  Minimum quantity is 100.  Generally the larger the order the lower the cost per coaster.

Packaging – standard or collating to your specific requirements.

Shipping – We use various couriers although you may have your own, alternatively drop in and pick up.  We would love to meet you.

Our drink coasters are sturdy and high quality.

contact us for a stock sample and feel the difference.