Brewery Drink Coasters

Brewery Drink Coasters.

Do you need to get your craft beer brand noticed? Let us help you with with your very own brewery drink coasters.

People like to be associated with “good brands”.  Your logo on a drink coaster will help to keep your craft beer in the mind’s eye of potential customers.

What if that potential customer tries it and is happy with your brew and comes back for the same again next time? With their friends! And then next time those friends bring more friends…

Then something as humble as a drink coaster has helped build customer loyalty across your brand.

Yes! A simple drink coaster can do all that and Promotional Drink Coasters have a dedicated team who are passionate about drink coasters. We can help you build your brand and at the same time create a memorable experience for your customers. Not only do drink coasters build brand identity they are also very functional. The stock we use if very absorbent, 390gsm. Good quality imported from Finland. A specialty board to soak up those drips. No more wet sleeves – Just a fun experience had by all!

Drink coasters for your brand are a risk free, affordable investment. When you invest in brand identity you are telling your competition you are here to stay. You are sending a message to the world that you are serious about being successful. Your own brewery drink coasters will create a sense of culture and personality for your company which customers will love. Hopefully they will keep coming back time and again.

Drink coasters are very practical for promoting a new brew, limited editions, upcoming events. Tell your brewery story on a drink coaster. Create your marketing strategy and allow the drink coaster to do the advertising for you.

Who knows you may become highly recognizable.

Contact us we would love to help.