Celebrate Australia Day – The Best Places to Celebrate

Where Shall We Celebrate Australia Day?

Celebrate Australia Day – From sporting legends to iconic landmarks, there’s a lot for our country to be proud of. If you’re lucky enough to have time off on Australia Day this year, here are some of the most fun (and most Aussie!) places to head to for a celebration of all things Oz.

The Beach

With the vast majority of our country’s population living within easy driving distance from the coast, it’s no wonder the beach is a classic place to congregate during the Aussie summer! Throw on your best togs, slap on some sunscreen and don’t forget the towels! Prepare some food in the morning so you can have a full day at the beach with a picnic lunch included.

Your Favourite Restaurant or Café

Many venues offer special meals or menus on Australia Day, so why not head to your local favourite for an Aussie lunch or a quick snack? You can’t go wrong by ordering roast lamb, pavlova or lamingtons. The best part is you don’t have to do any of the cooking yourself! While you’re there, check the coasters – if they’ve got special Aussie Day designs, we might have printed them!

The Backyard

Not in the mood to go out? No problem! The right backyard can be the perfect place for an Australia Day get-together. Heat up the BBQ, chill some drinks, get out the cricket set and invite your family, your friends and maybe even the neighbours. If the weather’s good, you’re sure to have a very Aussie blast in the backyard.

Do you own a venue like a bar or a café? It might be too late to organise coasters for Australia Day, but there’s plenty of time to get in early for ANZAC Day! Click here to see our respectful ANZAC coaster designs or contact us about creating a customised one for your establishment.