Best beer etiquette and the humble beer

The best beer etiquette for you and your brew!

Beer, one of the oldest beverages that mankind has ever invented. Why not honour it with the best beer etiquette ever?!  Firstly, what is etiquette? Etiquette is a code of behaviour. In this blog we will look at different behaviours surrounding beer.

1. The Glass

When drinking from a glass it’s important to ensure that the glass is totally clean and free from grease, dust and detergent. You can tell that a glass hasn’t been properly cleaned when you get clusters of tiny bubbles clinging to the base and walls of the glass after pouring.

2. Pouring

Tilt your glass and pour your beer at a 45 degree angle. best beer etiquette

3. Ingredients

Check the “best before” date and the ingredients.

Don’t drink beer close to its use by date and stay away from additives such as sugar. 

Local labels for freshness could be a good idea. Support your local craft brewery over a large entity.

4. Use a drink coaster

Soak up drips and protect surfaces. We have the best drink coasters for sweaty drinks! OR design your own.

5. Discover the pleasure of beer

Order based on flavour not strength of alcohol. Find out what foods go with your type of beer.

What is the correct temperature for maximum enjoyment? Check out this article; Serve beer at the right temperature

6. Don’t drink and drive

Drink responsibly. If in doubt, order a taxi/uber