Beer Mats: More Than Just Coasters

Beer Mats.

When you think of beer mats you might just think of a simple cardboard square for putting your beer on.  But that’s not really the full picture.

These coasters can do so much more than protecting tables from condensation.  They can make great advertising tools, they can entertain customers, and they can even be collected.

Here’s a look at why beer mats can be so much more than ‘just coasters’.


Beer Mats Make Fantastic Marketing Collateral

Statistics suggest that the majority of people either like them or don’t mind them.  They aren’t an obtrusive form of advertising, like TV ads or sponsored posts on Facebook, so people don’t really get bothered by them.  In fact, more people actually read the messages on a coaster than you might think – and quite a few even take their drink coasters home with them!

beer mat

Beer mats work particularly well with interactive advertising campaigns (e.g. running a competition that requires the coaster to be submitted with an answer written on it).  They can also be used for direct selling and promoting special discounts, leading customers directly to a transaction on their smartphone (perhaps via a QR code).


Beer Mats Can Be Fun

Whether you’re waiting for your next drink or just wanting to fill a lull in the conversation, a coaster with a game on it can be a fun time-filler.  You could dedicate the reverse side of your coasters to a maze, a mini-crossword puzzle, a Sudoku, some trivia questions, or a series of riddles.

Because the drink coasters also feature your logo and marketing, the time spent on these games is valuable for brand recognition and recall.  It could also help if you can theme the riddles or puzzle to match your company somehow!


Beer Mats Can Be Collected

Yes, there are dedicated coaster collectors (or ‘tegestologists’) out there.  These people love finding and keeping new beer mats.  There’s even a substantial drink coaster trading scene around the world. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!


Wondering if promotional drink coasters could be a great addition to your marketing tactics playbook? We think you could be on to something.  Contact us today to plan your first order of branded beer mats.