Back Your Team for Origin 2016

State of Origin is always an exciting time of the year – particularly for many of our clients, whose patrons will often be watching or discussing the sporting event over some cold drinks. This classic clash of states brings people together as much as it sparks decades-old rivalries, and it’s easy for clubs, pubs, cafés and other venues to get into the sporting spirit… especially when they have themed drink coasters!

Two-Sided Coasters

No matter where you live in Queensland or NSW, it’s easy to find supporters of either side. With our double-sided coasters – toads on one side, roaches on the other – everyone can show their true colours either way! If you’d like these fun coasters to complement the attitude of your function, venue or State of Origin party, please contact us for more information or make an order directly through our website.

Save the Dates!

If you don’t already have the three games locked into your calendar, here are the dates you need to remember:

 Game 1: Wednesday 1st June (Sydney)

 Game 2: Wednesday 22nd June (Brisbane)

 Game 3: Wednesday 13th July (Sydney)

While lots of lucky people will be seeing the games live in the ANZ Stadium and Suncorp Stadium, you can also bet that most establishments (and plenty of households) will have the match-ups screening on TV. If you’re a footy fan, there are limitless options as to how you can enjoy the game!