Australia Day Drink Coasters – January 26th

Australia Day Drink Coasters

Now that the Christmas and New Years festive season comes to an end, it is now time to start getting ready for the next big event. That’s right folks –  Australia Day 26th January. Australia Day drink coasters are our specialty.

About our drink coasters:

Our drink coasters are manufactured from high grammage paper board. We use 390gsm beer mat board which is of exceptional quality.  The best board for sweaty drinks!

All our drink coasters are food safety certified, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

These drink coasters will help protect your furniture from spills and soak up the drips as they are super absorbent.

Handy Hint:

Did you know that a coaster placed on top of a beverage is “code” to show that  a drink is not finished or is being used to prevent contamination (usually from insects).

Fun Facts:

♦ FACT #1: The first coasters were designed for bottles, so that they could be slid (or “coasted”) around the dinner table after the servants had retired. Early coasters took the form of a shallow tray or dish.

♦ FACT #2: 1880, a year to remember. Beer mats made of cardboard were first introduced. Originating from Germany.

♦ FACT #3: Drink coasters didn’t grace the shores of Australia until after the 1920’s.

♦ FACT #4: Often used to communicate a number of messages prior to social media and texting.

What you need to do:

Support Australian made products. Keep manufacturing alive in Australia.

It’s simple. At the click of a button you can order your drink coasters today!

Order online or give us a call on 07 5575 3611.


However you choose to spend this Australia day don’t miss out on getting your Australia Day Coasters today!still call Australia home

Colour: Full Colour

Sides: 1 Sided

Size: 95mm x 95mm

Stock: 390gsm Coasterboard

Shape: Square with round corners

Use our existing design or create your own

All of our coasters are Food Safety Certified