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Hand Hygiene Drink Coaster

Message: Hand Hygiene Drink Coaster It is a message worth repeating over and over again. Washing your hands properly can help stop the spread of germs. Our hand hygiene drink coaster is the perfect medium to convey this message. In a social environment people are relaxed and open to ideas and thoughts that can influence […]


Shouting Drinks – Aussie Etiquette

The etiquette of shouting drinks. So we haven’t been to the pub for a while but the end of self isolation is in sight. Maybe you are missing your favourite local. Let’s get ready and brush up on the etiquette of shouting drinks! What is a round of drinks? A round of drinks is a set of […]

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Revive Australian Manufacturing – NOW

Support your local businesses and revive Australian manufacturing. Now is the time to throw all your support behind local manufacturers and growers. It’s not too late to revive Australian manufacturing as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop. At the beginning of January, I returned from my homeland New Zealand back to my home in Australia. […]


Brewery Drink Coasters

Brewery Drink Coasters. Do you need to get your craft beer brand noticed? Let us help you with with your very own brewery drink coasters. People like to be associated with “good brands”.  Your logo on a drink coaster will help to keep your craft beer in the mind’s eye of potential customers. What if […]

cmyk versus rgb

CMYK versus RGB. Which is better for print?

Which is better for print? CMYK versus RGB….. CMYK versus RGB. Is this important to know? To avoid disappointment in the end result I think you should read this…… What is CMYK? CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta Yellow, Key (or Black).  The letter ‘K’ is used because it is an abbreviation for the printing term ‘key […]

happy new year drink coasters

2020 Drink Coasters – New Year

New Year – 2020 Drink Coasters 2020 drink coasters will see you into a new year with flying colours! Let’s kick off the new year on a positive note. Don’t worry if you haven’t made a New Years Resolution. New Years resolutions can soon be forgotten. Let’s mix it up a bit and create goals. […]

christmas drinking tips

Christmas Drinking Tips

Responsible drinking  – Christmas Drinking Tips As the year draws to a close there is an increase in parties and social gatherings. You’ve worked hard all year and want to let your hair down. You deserve it, right? Follow these Christmas drinking tips to keep you healthy and safe. Make it a time to remember […]

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Christmas Trivia Quiz

Join in our Christmas trivia quiz….. A Christmas trivia quiz for the holiday season. Perfect for those rainy days. Or maybe you just want to stay in and chill.  Escape the hussle and bussle of the holiday season and become an expert in all things Christmas!  Fun for the whole family… How to play… Divide […]

More Traditional Christmas Beverages

Ideas for more traditional Christmas beverages… Do you need ideas for more traditional Christmas beverages?  It’s not all about the egg nog you know. What about Wassail and the Wassailing tradition? Firstly, wassail is a spiced hot apple drink drunk from a wassailing bowl. Two very important ingredients for the Medieval Christmas tradition of Wassailing. […]

traditional christmas beverages

Traditional Christmas Beverages

Traditional Christmas Beverages this holiday season….. When it comes to traditional Christmas Beverages nothing says Christmas like eggnog. EGGNOG:  A rich sweetened dairy based beverage. Traditionally made with: milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks. In some cases, brandy or rum are added to the drink. Below is a family friendly recipe: Ingredients […]