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Free Drink Coaster Templates

Want free drink coaster templates? Design and create your own quality custom drink coasters with our free drink coaster templates. Drink coasters are a unique, affordable way to get your message across. Create your own design in minutes, add text, choose colours with our templates and guidelines. Your coasters will be printed on genuine 390gsm […]


Glass Drink Coasters meet Beer Glasses

Glass drink coasters and beer glasses for your favourite beer. Glass drink coasters meet beer glasses. Tired of drinking out of the bottle or can? Well it turns out I may be able to help you choose the right glass drink coasters and beer glasses for those special beers. Different styles of glassware exist for a […]

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Best beer etiquette and the humble beer

The best beer etiquette for you and your brew! Beer, one of the oldest beverages that mankind has ever invented. Why not honour it with the best beer etiquette ever?!  Firstly, what is etiquette? Etiquette is a code of behaviour. In this blog we will look at different behaviours surrounding beer. 1. The Glass When […]

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Buy drink coasters online

Buy drink coasters online at Promotional Drink Coasters. You can buy drink coasters direct from the manufacturer and save $$$$. Consider us your local drink coaster house.  We can print and despatch your drink coasters anywhere within Australia and New Zealand. Whether city or country we deliver to all metro and rural areas.  Need drink […]

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Buy Custom Drink Coasters

What you need to know when you buy custom drink coasters…. Let me share some ideas with you before you buy custom drink coasters. If you are not completely familiar with purchasing custom paper coasters then read on. I’ll explain the most important aspects. First: We manufacture custom pulpboard drink coasters. These are also known […]

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Food Safety drink coasters

The importance of  “food safety drink coasters” We are delighted to advise that Promotional Drink Coasters is “Food Safety Certified”. The additives that we use to produce our food safety drink coasters are compliant with Federal German and EU Food and Safety requirements for paper and cardboard with food applications (German Federal Risk Assessment No […]

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The State of Origin – ORIGINation!?

STATE of ORIGIN: We’re all familiar with the highly anticipated annual clash, the State of Origin. Queenslanders slam against their NSW rivals. Maroon collides with blue. Thousands of people find themselves glued to the screen as the 3 heated games transpire. However, where did it all begin? What is the history of this legendary event? […]

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Special Occasion Drink Coasters

Celebrate with Special Occasion Drink Coasters Celebrate your special occasion with special occasion drink coasters. Use your favourite photo or image and create a personalised message. If designing your own special occasion drink coasters is not your thing at Promotional Drink Coasters we have our own generic range for you to choose from. For all […]

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Promotional Drink Coasters

Promotional Drink Coasters – The Difference So what is it that sets Promotional Drink Coasters apart from our competition? We thinks it boils down to these 3 key elements. 1. High Quality Printing, Colours & Materials We provide the highest quality custom Promotional Drink Coasters at an affordable price. We use the latest off-set printing technology to create […]

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Stock Drink Coasters

What are stock drink coasters? At Promotional Drink Coasters we have a range of what we call stock drink coasters. # These drink coasters have no printing. A raw uncoated finish with a subtle texture. Manufactured from high quality, super absorbent 390gsm beer mat board which comes from sustainable forests in Scandinavia. Disposable and biodegradable. […]