Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day is one of Australia’s truly most important national commemorative occasions! It is a day that is commemorated by both Australians and New Zealanders on the 25th April every year, and marks the anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in 1915 of the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).  This date has been […]

The Best Places to Celebrate Australia Day

From sporting legends to iconic landmarks, there’s a lot for our country to be proud of. If you’re lucky enough to have time off on Australia Day this year, here are some of the most fun (and most Aussie!) places to head to for a celebration of all things Oz. The Beach With the vast […]

Client Profile: Taree Aquatic Club

As with just about any business, the lead-up to Christmas is an extremely busy time for the team at Promotional Drink Coasters. There are many venues that want to boost their Christmas-cheer atmosphere through tailored coasters – one of them this year was the Taree Aquatic Club. Here’s a look at the coaster we made for […]

Creative Ideas for Your Next Coaster

Often in marketing, it is the most creative, intriguing, or fun ideas that stick the most with an audience. Think of your favourite television ads. Chances are you remember them because they made you smile or think – not because they did a great job of explaining their business (though this definitely helps too!). This […]

Client Profile: Cafe D Bar

A café is one of the most obvious types of businesses that can benefit from promotional drink coasters. These items provide the perfect platform for a hot cappuccino, a refreshing beer, or a frothy milkshake. And every time customers look down to pick up their beverage for a sip, the branded coaster reminds them exactly where they […]

Using QR Codes On Your Promotional Drink Coasters

One of the key factors of a successful advertising or marketing campaign is timeliness. Giving your audience the ability to respond quickly and easily to your promotion is vital. When a person is interested in your brand or offer, they are much more likely to convert into a customer if they can do so immediately […]

Why Should You Use Drink Coasters to Advertise?

From restaurants and cafés to bars and lounges, an enormous number of establishments around the world use coasters. They’re also vital for events, parties and fundraisers. With the huge amount of exposure they create for advertisers, it’s no wonder companies – especially beer manufacturers – have used coasters for many years to promote their brands. […]


End of the series – QLD v’s NSW

Congratulations Queensland! New South Wales may have won the series but Queensland was not going to let their state down in game 3. Such a tough game but the Maroons came through with the victory. Congratulations to New South Wales for taking out the series! Congratulations to Queensland to not going down without a fight. […]

State of origin coasters

Queensland & New South Wales State Of Origin

New South Wales celebrate another well deserved win! Such a close game but the Blues came through with the victory in game 2. Congratulations to New South Wales! We all are looking forward to seeing the power and determination that game 3, the final one for this year will bring.  Can they make it a […]

Personalised Birthday Coasters

Make your celebrations even more special with your very own personalised drink coasters Full colour 1 side 95mm x 95mm square with round corners or round 390gsm coasterboard Food safety certified Personalise with your photo, favourite picture or text.