Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant

Top 3 Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant Interested in Valentines Day Ideas for your Restaurant? We all know making your restaurant different and special each year for Valentines Day can be alot of work. You don’t  want to disappoint your customers by doing the same thing you did last year but you are probably […]

What makes a good brew-

What makes a good brew?

One you can enjoy! There are so many different styles of beer, and as many personal preferences to boot, so nailing down what makes a good brew can be a challenge. However, there are many factors that no matter what your personal preference is, most drinkers would agree on. So, let’s take this multi-sensory experience […]


Scratch and Win Drinks Coasters: Top 3 promotional ideas that will leave your customers itching for more!

Scratch and Win Drinks Coasters: Top 3 promotional ideas that will leave your customers itching for more! Scratch and win drinks coasters: We all know that, especially in Australia, competitions attract a mammoth response in terms of customer engagement and are an insanely cost effective way to promote your business. But have you thought about […]


The ‘Origin’ of the State of Origin

We’re all familiar with the highly anticipated annual clash, the State of Origin. Queenslanders slam against their NSW rivals. Maroon collides with blue. Thousands of people find themselves glued to the screen as the 3 heated games transpire. However, where did it all begin? What is the history of this legendary event? Let’s explore. The […]

ANZAC Day and the Two-Up Tradition

There are many traditions our nation observes on ANZAC Day. Some are sombre and reflective – in particular, the Dawn Service and memorial parades.  However, others are more light-hearted, like the oh-so-Aussie gambling game of two-up. How do you play two-up? In case you’ve never played, here’s a simple explanation of how two-up works. Two […]

How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out from the Crowd

There are business cards that you hand out half-heartedly because you know they’re just boring templated designs on standard flimsy cardboard.  And then there are business cards that you hand out proudly because they look amazing and leave a lasting impression on people. Which kind would you rather have a stack of on your desk?  Of course, you’d rather […]

Beer Mats: More Than Just Coasters

When you think of ‘beer mats’ you might just think of a simple cardboard square for putting your beer on.  But that’s not really the full picture. These coasters can do so much more than protecting tables from condensation.  They can make great advertising tools, they can entertain customers, and they can even be collected. Here’s […]

5 Essentials for an Australia Day BBQ

5 Essentials for an Australia Day BBQ Blazing hot sun. The smell of freshly cooked food coming from the grill. Great company. Australia Day celebrations can be fair dinkum fantastic – and not just because you’ve got a day off work. Here are 5 things to prepare or remember if 2017 is your year to […]

A Brief History of the Stubby Holder

We all know what a stubby holder is. It keeps your precious drink cool AND it’s an essential item for any Aussie summer BBQ.  All of us beer lovers are bloody grateful these handy products exist – but where did they come from?  Let’s explore the history of the humble stubby holder.   First Things […]

Scratchies and Drink Coasters: Together at Last

The Promotional Drink Coasters team is pleased to introduce our latest innovation: we are now able to print coasters with scratch labels. This exciting development is great news for us, our existing clients, and our future clients! Take Your Coaster Marketing Even Further We already know just how effective drink coasters can be as advertising […]